Magickal Events at goddess blessed!




January 18th through March 15th
no class february 22nd

$120.00. pre- paid

Know a little or nothing at all? Learn what makes water signs emotional, & why fire signs are hot under the collar. What does a triple Aquarius mean? Learn about the 12 houses & planetary placements. Get the “truth” about Mercury Retrograde. Understand Venus & Mars in your chart & what makes your mate tick! This is a layered class; all 8 classes are required to receive ultimate benefits. Included, your own personal laminated natal birth chart to work with in class.
Date: January 18th Thursday 7-8:30pm
Where: Goddess Blessed 15729 Madison Ave, Lakewood
Instructor: Eva Starr, published author, Astrologer and Starr Scopes columnist has recently returned from San Diego, eager to share with you the mysteries of the solar system. Her zest for life, (Aries rising), entertaining spirit (Leo moon) will captivate and entertain, while her sensitive Cancer sun will warm your heart.


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