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December 16th Winter Solstice the Longest Night

December brings with her the longest night and a shift to gaining light. The Ying/Yang of life. This is where new ideas are born out of the darkness. There are messengers that can assist with the transition and birth the new light in our lives. This is the last in the series of understanding the Messages of Nature and Spirit/Animal Guides.

  • We will share our experiences and celebrate our awareness
  • Ritual for the coming Solstice
  • Close until we meet again


Saturday, January 13th

4 to 6 pm

Numerologist Laura Varcho’s workshop “Numerology: The Doorway to Self
Discovery” will focus on the esoteric and philosophical meanings of Numbers and the
formulas and techniques of creating and interpreting a Numerology chart. Upon
completion of the workshop, each attendee will have created a basic numerology chart,
which can be for themselves or any other person of their choosing (providing they have
the necessary data to complete a chart – which is the birthdate – ( month, day, year) –
and full name at birth).
The study of Numerology is a way to help find answers to such questions as: What are
my greatest strengths? What is my heart’s desire? In what area of life do my talents
lie? Where can I best put my energies to make myself and others happy and fulfilled?
What are the obstacles I need to overcome in order to achieve my goals? What can I
do to achieve self-realization?
Numerology is the science of numbers as they apply to designating and defining human
characteristics and experiences. Ancient scholars took the qualities of numbers they
discovered developing mathematics one step further by applying these qualities or
attributes to human character and circumstance.
This interactive workshop will promote discussion between instructor and attendees and
will strive to provoke thought and exploration into the topic of Numerology.
Explore Numerology to: “Know thyself” and “To thine own self be true”!
Miss Varcho has been studying and teaching Numerology for three decades. She is
also a musician, writer, event planner, and lecturer on diverse topics, including
Entrepreneurship and the Great American Songbook


$10 secures your spot and reserves your materials for this workshop presented by Numerologist Laura Varcho. Register in store or call 216-221-8755!




January 18th through March 15th
no class february 22nd

$120.00. pre- paid

Know a little or nothing at all? Learn what makes water signs emotional, & why fire signs are hot under the collar. What does a triple Aquarius mean? Learn about the 12 houses & planetary placements. Get the “truth” about Mercury Retrograde. Understand Venus & Mars in your chart & what makes your mate tick! This is a layered class; all 8 classes are required to receive ultimate benefits. Included, your own personal laminated natal birth chart to work with in class.
Date: January 18th Thursday 7-8:30pm
Where: Goddess Blessed 15729 Madison Ave, Lakewood
Instructor: Eva Starr, published author, Astrologer and Starr Scopes columnist has recently returned from San Diego, eager to share with you the mysteries of the solar system. Her zest for life, (Aries rising), entertaining spirit (Leo moon) will captivate and entertain, while her sensitive Cancer sun will warm your heart.


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