Magickal Events at goddess blessed!

Saturday, October 14th  Making your Mask at 10:30 am
$20 cash only

The final Harvest: how have you prepared for the dark days? The in-between times

This is a time to connect with your Spirit Guides the veil is at the thinnest point and it is an excellent time to receive messages and send messages. Learning to Shape Shift with your Guide & how this can benefit you in your daily life.

  • Shape Shifters
  • Building a Mask
  • Dusk & Dawn
  • Celebrating the final harvest and giving Gratitude

November 11th dead times

November is the time of death it is the in between month where the last Harvest is all packed away and the days grow darker. The leaves have fallen to the ground and animals are beginning their quiet time.

  • We will take a look at Hibernation what do you Identify with and what animal do you associate with as darkness approaches
  • Be still
  • We will have a meditation and discussion of the messages we receive

December 16th Winter Solstice the Longest Night

December brings with her the longest night and a shift to gaining light. The Ying/Yang of life. This is where new ideas are born out of the darkness. There are messengers that can assist with the transition and birth the new light in our lives. This is the last in the series of understanding the Messages of Nature and Spirit/Animal Guides.

  • We will share our experiences and celebrate our awareness
  • Ritual for the coming Solstice
  • Close until we meet again



Learning how to work with the phases of the Moon 🌙
Magical Mother Moon Series with Lorrie @ Goddess Blessed
Two workshops in the Series
Thursday Evenings (7:00-8:30)
$20.00 per person per workshop
(cash only)
Handouts and supplies included in price


Part Two Workshop
Thursday Evening October 19 (7-8:30)
* The New Moon 🌙
Planting the seed of your intentions
* Complete Mother moon Abundance Box
* New Moon Abundance Check

Call Goddess Blessed @ (216) 221-8755 to register for class
Limited space available




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